The Zero to Five Funders Collaborative was founded in 2008 by like-minded funders to ensure children in low-income neighborhoods are physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually ready for school by age five. Our combined funding and program coordination creates an intentional, collaborative effort that is more effective than anything we would accomplish alone.

Engaging Parents as Teachers & Leaders

We believe equipping and supporting parents to be teachers in their families and leaders in their neighborhoods is the best way to create whole communities that collectively support school readiness for the long-term. We support programs with a two-generation approach, engaging parents and caregivers to prepare children for success in school.

Getting Results for Children & Families

In 2009, we began a five-year commitment to funding and coordinating the work of four respected service providers in the high-poverty Bachman Lake neighborhood in Dallas. Research has shown the children of parents in our partner programs make better progress to kindergarten readiness. And, parents are now actively leading their neighborhood’s focus on school readiness – for individual children and the health of their community.

Surrounding Families with Support

In response to the commitment of Bachman Lake families and to help them sustain their progress long-term, the Collaborative is now embarking on a new chapter: Bachman Lake Together.

In addition to being a safe, central location where families can gather and access early learning resources, the center will offer services to help low-income families deal with financial, health and other stresses that can negatively impact children’s development. Resources will be selected based on the needs and requests of parents in the community. Working together under one roof, we will promote not only school-readiness, but also strong, healthy families.