Bachman Lake is a small Dallas neighborhood with big challenges – poverty, isolation, cultural barriers and few resources. The Zero to Five Funders Collaborative originally chose to invest in this community (defined by ZIP code 75220) because of its significant needs. We are staying to launch the Bachman Lake Together Family Center because of the determination, commitment and spirit of its families.

Portrait of a Neighborhood

  • 90% of elementary school children receive free/reduced lunch.
  • 72% of residents speak Spanish as their primary language.
  • 1 in 10 residents are under the age of three, the highest rate in Dallas.
  • Densely populated with many apartment complexes.
  • Limited available space for rent, lease or sale prevents nonprofits and other resources from entering the neighborhood.
  • Police are often feared by those not in the country legally, so drug dealers and thieves prey on the community with little fear of being caught.
  • Two parks are unsafe for young children and families.

Challenges for Children

  • 96% of Bachman Lake children are economically disadvantaged; 39% live in poverty.
  • 76% are limited English proficient (LEP).
  • 7 licensed and regulated child care providers serve the neighborhood, which has 5,800 children ages 0-5.
  • 35% – 48% school readiness at four neighborhood elementary schools.