Learning Together

Norma's Story

Norma and her son Ivan enrolled in Together We Learn. Norma wanted to improve her English skills so she could better connect with her community and friends. Her strongest desire was to enroll her son in a quality early childhood education program. The Together We Learn Program offered an opportunity to increase the family’s language skills and to help Ivan prepare for kindergarten.

Norma took advantage of the bi-weekly visits from Brookhaven College and learned about the many opportunities that are offered individuals such as scholarships, advanced ESL and GED classes, and certification programs. She was excited to know she could improve her chances for employment, and worked hard to improve her English.

Ivan enjoyed his days with the other children. The little boy’s favorite activity was to read books with the teachers. Norma was very involved with Ivan’s education, and her interaction with his teachers contributed to his rapid development. Working on classroom activities at home helped both mother and child improve quickly.

Norma’s English skills grew and so did her ambition. “I feel so comfortable now that I want to continue at a higher level,” she says.

Norma graduated from Together We Learn, then enrolled in classes at Brookhaven College. Ivan enrolled in kindergarten at age-appropriate development levels and is doing well in school.