Mom & Teacher

Alejandra's Story

“My name is Alejandra Mendez, and I have three children: Tomás is 10 years old, Roberto is six, and Sandra, my three-year-old, is in prekindergarten. I would like to tell you about my experience in The Concilio’s Parents as Leaders program.

Before I started this program, my youngest child would frequently ask, “Can you read me a book, Mom?” I never knew about the importance of reading and how it can affect my child’s language development. I never knew that the more vocabulary words she learned, the greater the benefit to her learning. Because I didn’t know these things, I hardly ever read to her.

The Concilio’s program taught me that reading is fundamental to language development, for both my child and for me. Through this program, I have learned fun ways to teach my daughter new words. I’ve also learned effective ways to teach her how to read at home. Frequently, we look up words in the dictionary together, and I’ve realized that I am learning new vocabulary along with my daughter.

As a result of taking this program, I have created a habit of reading with all three of my children every night. I’ve noticed that my children are more interested in going to school now and are doing well academically. I am so thankful that The Concilio is here with us, to teach us, to help us, and to support us.”

– Alejandra Mendez