The power of community, focused on one goal: school readiness for children

Children start learning at birth, and parents are their first teachers.

The Zero to Five Funders Collaborative is a community-based partnership that strengthens Dallas families so they can raise children who are socially, emotionally and intellectually ready for school.

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Maria's Story

It's Thursday morning, and Maria, a young Hispanic mother of two who's eight months pregnant, is getting ready for her first Baby University class. She rushes to make breakfast for her husband, who complains about her delay. A cry...Read More

Norma's Story

Norma and her son Ivan enrolled in Together We Learn. Norma wanted to improve her English skills so she could better connect with her community and friends. Her strongest desire was to enroll her son in a quality early...Read More

Alejandra's Story

"My name is Alejandra Mendez, and I have three children: Tomás is 10 years old, Roberto is six, and Sandra, my three-year-old, is in prekindergarten. I would like to tell you about my experience in The Concilio's Parents as...Read More