Vintage Nail Designs: Guide for the Modern Woman

With the rise of vintage-themed clothing, hairstyles, and home decor, it's no surprise that nail

Beauty HacksFeminine MoodVintage Nail Designs: Guide for the Modern Woman
Vintage Nail Designs: Guide for the Modern Woman

Vintage Nail Designs: Guide for the Modern Woman

With the rise of vintage-themed clothing, hairstyles, and home decor, it’s no surprise that nail art trends are following suit. It seems like every few weeks, there is a new way to wear your nails with unique designs and colors. This blog post will focus on some beautiful vintage nail designs that you can try out for yourself.

One thing to note about these styles is that they require time and patience to get the perfect result – so be sure to set aside some time if you’re looking forward to giving any of these looks ago. However, once you’ve perfected them, they’ll leave people wondering whether or not you just got your nails done at an upscale salon.

Do you love the look of vintage-inspired nail designs? First things first: prep your nails by trimming and filing them into shape. Next, use a base coat to keep your nails from staining or becoming brittle. After letting the polish dry completely, apply two coats of color on each nail. We recommend starting with a lighter shade as the base color and using a darker hue overtop–this will give an aged appearance to your manicure like no other. Lastly, seal in your design with a good quality topcoat. You’re ready for anything now.

Retro Nail Polish

Retro Nail Polish Styles

Women have been wearing nail polish since the early 1900s. It seems like there are new styles and colors to choose from every year, but one thing remains—women still love their nails! Here is a list of retro nail polish styles that make your hands look great:

  1. Cotton Candy Pink
  2. Blue French Tip Nails with White Tips
  3. Black Jellybean Nail Polish for Halloween Colors
  4. Baby’s Breath Purple
  5. Plaid Design on Your Fingertips
  6. Hot Magenta Color
  7. Red-White Striped Design
  8. Frosty Mint Green
  9. Sparkling Silver
  10. Golden Glitter
  11. Soft Lavender
  12. Neon Lilac
  13. Dark Brown

Nails are the perfect accessory for any outfit. They can be dressed up or down, and there is always a way to match your personality with one of our many different nail designs. So no matter what type of look you’re going for, we’ve got it covered.

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